Goals + Positive Mindset = Results

I ran a 5k race Saturday, September 2, 2017. Why is this one different from other races I have ran? My focus.

Training is important regardless of what goals you are working towards and so is your mindset. I am a goal oriented person.  I have always known a positive attitude is better than a negative outlook and have become even more focused on this.  I  recently had discovered a book called “Total Focus” by Brandon Webb, I highly recommend it. I originally bought the book to help me with my business but soon began to apply the message to all areas of my life.

When I started running in 2011, I had a goal of completing a 5k. Then the goal was to run the entire 5k distance without stopping. I soon began to realize finishing a 5k in under 30 minutes was within the realm of possibility. Then health issues kept me from training the way I wanted to this past year and a half; however, once I started healing, I soon realized how strong I was becoming. Strong not only physically, but mentally.  Running is a physical sport but it is 90% mental.

I noticed my self-talk was not as positive as I would like for it to be at times. I would catch myself saying “this is too hard” or “I can’t do this” and then I would watch my goal slip by.  I knew this had to change.  Each time I caught myself starting to have negative thoughts I immediately shut it down. I countered with “I am strong”, ” I am confident”, “I CAN do this”, “Help carry my feet Jesus” and so on.  Soon I began to see a change. I was getting stronger physically as I was running with a friend who was faster than me ; also we were positive influences on each other mentally and spiritually.  God brought us together and I will share that on another post.

Training requires consistency. I made no excuses. I ran four days a weeks with two days of lifting and one rest day. Sometimes I had people to run with me and other times it was simply God and me.  I pushed myself and yes it sucked at times. I had to dig deep and push through the tired legs; push through the fears and embrace the journey. Embrace the fact that the journey is made up of joyous times as well as times when it was not easy.

Soon I began to notice the runs that used to be difficult were getting easier. This gave me confidence. The more confident I became the more I realized my goal would soon become reality.  Another thing I noticed, my positive self-talk was more consistent.  I wasn’t sure when my goal of a sub 30 minute 5k would happen but I knew it would happen and sooner than later.

The night before the race I dreamed of finishing the race in 29:50. Why this particular number I have no idea.  I ran a few miles before the race to warm-up. The race was not a flat course, sure I was nervous and wondered if I could achieve my goal. I just kept thinking positive and was going to have fun. The race began and before I knew it I was at mile one which by the way you after that you climb a HILL. I charged up that hill–it was not going to stop me. I kept this friend of mind in site and decided I am chasing her down (I knew she could run a sub 30 5k). The weather got warm but I squashed any negative thoughts. I kept repeating the time I wanted to finish and my positive affirmations in my mind. Finally the last turn to the finish and I saw the race clock. Crossed the finish line and looked at my watch—what was my finish time: 29:50.9 (my official time was 29:51). I had done it! I also placed third in my age group. My husband got first in his age group. Thankful we get to do this together.

The feeling I had when I realized I had met my long-time goal on a course that had been a struggle for me in the past—overwhelming joy! All the glory to God, for none of this is possible without him.

Goals are great. I also have to have fun. The people I am blessed to meet along the way and develop friendships with are such a blessing and keep me going.

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