Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Posted by runningwithkoachkesta on March 28, 2016

This weekend we ran the Wicked Half Marathon where the temperature was in the 40’s, rain, and it was very hilly. You have a choice when challenges appear, you embrace them or fear them; I choose to embrace them. Embracing challenges isn’t always easy but the reward is great. To embrace life may mean we must get out of our comfort zone.

I met some fascinating ladies on the journey of 13.1 miles. Four ladies were teachers from Nebraska, some were from Kansas, one lady was a new mom, some women were running their first half marathon—all of these women were inspirational. I truly enjoyed getting to know some of these women as we ran together, the race went by much faster and it helped when I started to feel tired.

I was nervous for various reasons, I told a friend and she messaged her prayer for me. I know the Lord was with me every step and carried me when I was tired.  I was nervous about running in the rain for that distance, what to wear, would I find someone my pace to run with, could I conquer the many hills on the course, would I be able to perform well, etc. All of these thoughts could have overcome me and ruined the race but I made the choice to give it all to God and enjoy the journey the best I could. The reward was worth it.

My husband and his running partner finished the race, then he came back to find me and we ran the last mile together. I conquered all of those fears previously mentioned, enjoyed the journey, ran the entire distance, and crossed the finish line with a huge smile on my face thanking God for the experience.

Embracing Life

Embracing Life

Posted by runningwithkoachkesta on October 17, 2016

This year has been an interesting one. I never would have imagined that 2016 would have been full of amazing opportunities and challenges. Starting at the end of March, I noticed I was experiencing some different health issues. Then in May I decided to enroll in a course to become a Certified Health Coach in hopes of learning how to help myself and others.

The journey of learning at first was scary and I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision. I was working two part-time jobs and coaching a running group, did I really have time for one more thing? I trusted God had put me on this path for a reason, He had a specific purpose for this journey.

Fear had taken hold and I didn’t know how to shake it. I continued to pray and trust God had a purpose for my life and for this school. I feared I wouldn’t be good enough or remember enough in order to help others. I thought I had to know everything. I finally realized, I didn’t have to know everything. What I did realize was I needed to prioritize and find more balance in my life; once I did things began to fall into place.

The course is teaching me 100 dietary theories, information on functional medicine, and much more. I began seeing a naturopathic doctor a few months ago and I have learned so much. My energy levels were so low and I found out I had adrenal fatigue. My doctor recommended certain supplements, rest, restorative yoga, as well I could still run and lift weights but had to modify my activity. I am slowly learning to find balance and some days I feel great and others I am drained. While I eat well and exercise, I am reminded that rest is equally important.

I knew I needed to make some changes so I would not be running in circles. I now will be working one full-time job and still coaching. I had options of which position I wanted. The old me would have taken a position with more responsibilities and stress; however, the new me decided to keep the same position just more hours since I truly enjoy my job and I will have the energy to enjoy the things outside of work. I am choosing happiness. I will have time to work, exercise, coach and work on building my business while maintaining a healthy balance.