Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Posted by runningwithkoachkesta on March 28, 2016

This weekend we ran the Wicked Half Marathon where the temperature was in the 40’s, rain, and it was very hilly. You have a choice when challenges appear, you embrace them or fear them; I choose to embrace them. Embracing challenges isn’t always easy but the reward is great. To embrace life may mean we must get out of our comfort zone.

I met some fascinating ladies on the journey of 13.1 miles. Four ladies were teachers from Nebraska, some were from Kansas, one lady was a new mom, some women were running their first half marathon—all of these women were inspirational. I truly enjoyed getting to know some of these women as we ran together, the race went by much faster and it helped when I started to feel tired.

I was nervous for various reasons, I told a friend and she messaged her prayer for me. I know the Lord was with me every step and carried me when I was tired.  I was nervous about running in the rain for that distance, what to wear, would I find someone my pace to run with, could I conquer the many hills on the course, would I be able to perform well, etc. All of these thoughts could have overcome me and ruined the race but I made the choice to give it all to God and enjoy the journey the best I could. The reward was worth it.

My husband and his running partner finished the race, then he came back to find me and we ran the last mile together. I conquered all of those fears previously mentioned, enjoyed the journey, ran the entire distance, and crossed the finish line with a huge smile on my face thanking God for the experience.

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